Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A First

I had a first tonight. this evening i taught my first class down at VCU Hospital where i contract to for ACAC. and tonight i taught my largest class to date. FIFTY PEOPLE! fifty. thats 5-0! the room was covered front to back with mats and people were in the alcoves and the doorway.

the nice thing about teaching fifty people is that we all get the energy flowing and we build off of each other. it was actually somewhat easy to be teaching that many once i got started. the tough part is that the personal attention is lost. it's hard to know if everyone is catching what i'm saying. and i miss not having a personal connection.

i guess we'll see what happens next week. maybe more maybe less. but hopefully some will return.

now my challenge is to come down myself for a graceful landing this evening and to remember to use this energy i've been given for GOOD. look for the opportunities for GOOD always. and to REST from it all so i'm not totally wiped out tomorrow.


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