Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Practice Schmactice

Sometimes that's just how it goes. Practice Schmactice. today was just one of those days. i am very tired, and my mind is completely disorganized, plus, all i really seem to want to do is eat. that's never a good sign. that's how i know i'm tired and probably a little stressed with trying to get all these new jobs under my belt.
so this afternoon around 345 i attempted to practice. i am supposed to be practicing a minimum of 1 hour a day 4 days a week plus at least one class. i am doing pretty good about it, but today i fell short. i got on my mat, started up some music because that often helps get me going, and ... nothing. i did a bunch of sun salutes.... nothing, no inspiration, no inner clarity. i did a handstand and even balanced for a few seconds. i practiced parsvakonasana and trikonasana and by then 20 minutes had gone by and STILL no feeling of moving past whatever hump it was i was trying to get over so that was IT!
some days i just need a restorative practice, even though i HATE to admit that. so i settled myself down and moved into supported supta badakonasana, then supported child's pose, and finally viparita kaurani (legs up the wall pose) ah. that all felt good. but still no mental change. all just ho hum. blech.
i suppose it's a good time now to work on non-attachment to outcomes and non-expectations for what the practice will bring, buti have to admit the days like this are discouraging. at least i rest assured that my energy will come back and my heart in the practice will come back. that i can practice again later tonight if i want to and somehow it will be different. or maybe today i just needed to listen to my body a little more and work on accepting myself just as i am. lack of inspiration and all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Here's a photo my friend sent from the two of us at the John Friend workshop in Chapel Hill. notice the sweaty, blissed out smile.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

John Friend 3

Morrisville NC

He talked about using "white magic," shakti, gifts from the universe (a la "the secret") for GOOD, for service to others. That is where it's AT. and THAT is what is missing so often. So often we take what we are given and run with it and try to hide it away. That is missing the point! That's what I GET about all of this.

I want to teach yoga to GIVE BACK, to pass it on. it's why i want to volunteer with big brothers big sisters or the central virginia foodbank. i want to because i can and i am able to offer myself. it's why i want to teach yoga to the underserved somehow and to start to bridge the gap in our community. Where Max and I live is so diverse in socioeconomics and in race and background, but there isn't enough interconnection. There isn't enough working together and just a few blocks away are the poor and violence driven neighborhoods and so much segregation! Richmond has so far to go! I hope I can help. Anusara can help.

And so, I think it's time to start putting myself out there and really being who I am. And SHARING all this joy and love and the seriously magical gifts the universe is giving me. I am ready to teach, I can feel it. Good timing that my teaching career starts officially this week.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

More John Friend Rememberings

His theme for the weekend is Freedom. He talked often about using the foundation to root and allow for freedom to happen. Alignment creates freedom he said. He uses the alignment to build stamina. In the poses we are building tolerance for the Life Force vibration flowing in the body. It is a process of pose and release and feel the vibration, building the container so that you can feel it even more. Put your wishes and desires into the Life Force and become a Light and the energy comes to you. Like how Paul and Somer became the light of Anusara Yoga in NC and other like minded people find them and they all light the way for others.... We are all one, all interconnected. who says you can't feel your neighbor's shoulder blade? There are other ways of perceiving that are apart from our 5 senses ... you can be aware of your neighbor's energy! keep using the alignment and you will open. How do you know it you are working in alignment? You change! You become more aware of others around you. You life and feel life more fully. If it isn't changing you after all this time, what are you doing it for?

John Friend Workshop 2

Morrisville, NC

John was so inspiring. Today he talked about letting yourself become a steady light. Others will become drawn to that light - life-force/energy - and it will spread. He talked about him coming to Texas when there was pretty much zero yoga and now the yoga community there is huge and there is a lot more tolerance in the community. That people see each other and acknowlege each other. And also the same idea in North Carolina, that it was so small but with the steadfast light it is growing and expanding and this weekend there are 400 people coming together and practicing yoga. It is the biggest yoga event in Carolina history.

That is what I want to do. I want to help bring Anusara to Richmond. Richmond NEEDS Anusara. With the deep racial and socioeconomic divides going on there, Richmond needs a force to help bring some uniting and connecting and recognition of sameness among differences. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga! I think it is possible, and i want ot be a part of it. I can even be a driving force but there has to be more than one of me. More Anusara teachers. Anusara teachers in all studios - an Anusara studio! And then, with more teachers I can take Anusara classes and be inspired and enriched too.

- I will build it! I can be a light but it will shine even more brightly with another or many others beside it. Maybe Vicki (my former teacher) will come back too!

So i am hit with the problem that there is no one to study with on a consistent basis. The closest Anusara Certified teacher is two hours away in northern VA. That is a hike! so for now I guess it's just workshops and home practice. And practicing teaching from this perspective. I know I have a LOT to learn and miles of improvement to make but I know eventually I'm going to be very good. And I extremely enjoy the process. This is a very real way to help people make real, lasting, positive change in their lives. How beautiful is that? Awesome.

Anusara Kula, I'm ready for you.

Friday, September 7, 2007

John Friend Workshop 1

Morrisville NC
I just came back from the meeting hall of the Hindu Society of NC where I saw John Friend, real, live, and in person for the first time. I was telling Max earlier today - it's like going to see the king. He's like a rock star or something. Max asked if I'd be starstruck and I said "Yes, Definitely."

This evening John gave a talk about spirituality in the Carolinas. He talked about the freedom of expression in dance and song of southern Christianity and the energy that slaves could relate to. He also told the story of Swami Vivekananda coming to the US to speak to the world conference of religions on September 11th 1893 (108 years before the attacks on NYC and the pentagon)

At the end he led us in guided meditation. He guided us to close our eyes and immediately differences disappear. Everyone on this planet is breathing, everyone has life force. It enters us when we are born and will leave when we die. We all will die and our bodies will return to the earth. He went through life force in all people, animals, waters, plants, rocks... they all vibrate with energy. All dedicated to the ONE in immeasurable diversity. In the history of time there has never been another human just like you and there never will be. We can celebrate this diversity of the One, we can look for the good in every being.

Hands in anjali mudra - this is a sign of respect and honor all over the world. It says the very goodness at the center of my being has something to offer to you. I am good. I offer you my gift. I acknowledge that YOU are good.

Right away the reminder to "LOOK FOR THE GOOD" at every moment, because it is always there.