Friday, September 7, 2007

John Friend Workshop 1

Morrisville NC
I just came back from the meeting hall of the Hindu Society of NC where I saw John Friend, real, live, and in person for the first time. I was telling Max earlier today - it's like going to see the king. He's like a rock star or something. Max asked if I'd be starstruck and I said "Yes, Definitely."

This evening John gave a talk about spirituality in the Carolinas. He talked about the freedom of expression in dance and song of southern Christianity and the energy that slaves could relate to. He also told the story of Swami Vivekananda coming to the US to speak to the world conference of religions on September 11th 1893 (108 years before the attacks on NYC and the pentagon)

At the end he led us in guided meditation. He guided us to close our eyes and immediately differences disappear. Everyone on this planet is breathing, everyone has life force. It enters us when we are born and will leave when we die. We all will die and our bodies will return to the earth. He went through life force in all people, animals, waters, plants, rocks... they all vibrate with energy. All dedicated to the ONE in immeasurable diversity. In the history of time there has never been another human just like you and there never will be. We can celebrate this diversity of the One, we can look for the good in every being.

Hands in anjali mudra - this is a sign of respect and honor all over the world. It says the very goodness at the center of my being has something to offer to you. I am good. I offer you my gift. I acknowledge that YOU are good.

Right away the reminder to "LOOK FOR THE GOOD" at every moment, because it is always there.