Saturday, September 8, 2007

John Friend Workshop 2

Morrisville, NC

John was so inspiring. Today he talked about letting yourself become a steady light. Others will become drawn to that light - life-force/energy - and it will spread. He talked about him coming to Texas when there was pretty much zero yoga and now the yoga community there is huge and there is a lot more tolerance in the community. That people see each other and acknowlege each other. And also the same idea in North Carolina, that it was so small but with the steadfast light it is growing and expanding and this weekend there are 400 people coming together and practicing yoga. It is the biggest yoga event in Carolina history.

That is what I want to do. I want to help bring Anusara to Richmond. Richmond NEEDS Anusara. With the deep racial and socioeconomic divides going on there, Richmond needs a force to help bring some uniting and connecting and recognition of sameness among differences. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga! I think it is possible, and i want ot be a part of it. I can even be a driving force but there has to be more than one of me. More Anusara teachers. Anusara teachers in all studios - an Anusara studio! And then, with more teachers I can take Anusara classes and be inspired and enriched too.

- I will build it! I can be a light but it will shine even more brightly with another or many others beside it. Maybe Vicki (my former teacher) will come back too!

So i am hit with the problem that there is no one to study with on a consistent basis. The closest Anusara Certified teacher is two hours away in northern VA. That is a hike! so for now I guess it's just workshops and home practice. And practicing teaching from this perspective. I know I have a LOT to learn and miles of improvement to make but I know eventually I'm going to be very good. And I extremely enjoy the process. This is a very real way to help people make real, lasting, positive change in their lives. How beautiful is that? Awesome.

Anusara Kula, I'm ready for you.

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