Saturday, September 8, 2007

More John Friend Rememberings

His theme for the weekend is Freedom. He talked often about using the foundation to root and allow for freedom to happen. Alignment creates freedom he said. He uses the alignment to build stamina. In the poses we are building tolerance for the Life Force vibration flowing in the body. It is a process of pose and release and feel the vibration, building the container so that you can feel it even more. Put your wishes and desires into the Life Force and become a Light and the energy comes to you. Like how Paul and Somer became the light of Anusara Yoga in NC and other like minded people find them and they all light the way for others.... We are all one, all interconnected. who says you can't feel your neighbor's shoulder blade? There are other ways of perceiving that are apart from our 5 senses ... you can be aware of your neighbor's energy! keep using the alignment and you will open. How do you know it you are working in alignment? You change! You become more aware of others around you. You life and feel life more fully. If it isn't changing you after all this time, what are you doing it for?

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