Sunday, September 9, 2007

John Friend 3

Morrisville NC

He talked about using "white magic," shakti, gifts from the universe (a la "the secret") for GOOD, for service to others. That is where it's AT. and THAT is what is missing so often. So often we take what we are given and run with it and try to hide it away. That is missing the point! That's what I GET about all of this.

I want to teach yoga to GIVE BACK, to pass it on. it's why i want to volunteer with big brothers big sisters or the central virginia foodbank. i want to because i can and i am able to offer myself. it's why i want to teach yoga to the underserved somehow and to start to bridge the gap in our community. Where Max and I live is so diverse in socioeconomics and in race and background, but there isn't enough interconnection. There isn't enough working together and just a few blocks away are the poor and violence driven neighborhoods and so much segregation! Richmond has so far to go! I hope I can help. Anusara can help.

And so, I think it's time to start putting myself out there and really being who I am. And SHARING all this joy and love and the seriously magical gifts the universe is giving me. I am ready to teach, I can feel it. Good timing that my teaching career starts officially this week.

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