Monday, January 28, 2008

Anusara Update

the universe will provide for us if we just ASK for it. or so it seems.

i'm slowly but surely making my way down the path towards having Anusara yoga in my life again. HOORAY! several things are coming together to give me momentum

first, i started my Anusara Immersions up at willow street (for #1) and plan to continue those throughout 2008. i'll probably do parts 2 and 3 with Todd Norian and Ann Greene in Columbus Ohio. (fly or drive? fly or drive???) Immersions are the first step towards being able to teach this method so i'm starting at the beginning and am happy to do so. so many times i've jumped into the middle of something and felt lost on the basics. so this is good. then hopefully by next november i'll be ready to start Todd's teacher training and head towards "Anusara-inspired" around summer 2009.

Second, my former teacher is back around a little bit again. so we're able to practice together once a week on thursday afternoons. it is SO completely joyful for me. an Ananda-full experience. she's not even teaching me but just being in the same room and able to chat about Anusara stuff and get her to help fix me up! that's great. (plus it counts as one of my hours weekly of practice) and she's going to be teaching again this summer i think because she needs just a few more teaching hours to get her Certification. yay!

Third, i've also made my way into a class taught by a woman who did teacher training with Desiree Rumbaugh. the woman teaches at the gym where i work. so while it isn't a "TRUE" anusara class, at least she is using the language and teaching from a theme. plus, she's really nice and excited to have me there working from a similar perspective.

Fourth, well, to become a teacher you have to study with one. so i've decided to make the commitment to driving up to DC once a week to take class from a certified teacher. so on Tuesday nights that's where i go. unfortunately i've only made it to one class so far but i enjoyed it. again it will be great to have a teacher with anusara eyes checking my poses. i think i've registered for a class that is lower than my level, but i had to go with my own time availability. and again, basics are a good thing. i can always play around with new poses with vicki if i want to.

and Finally, an anusara certified teacher has been hanging around YS a bit. she's from out of town but it sounds like she may be relocating to Richmond. that would be AWESOME!! then i could go for free and let go of driving to DC. plus, the more Anusara there is the better, not just for me, but for the entire richmond yoga community and for the entire richmond community as a whole.

so. things are looking up. i just have to keep on moving through and looking for opportunities when they present themselves, even if it means driving 2 hours each way some of the time. it will all be worth it in the end.

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