Saturday, December 20, 2008

Darkness and Light

I teach a sunday morning yoga class at YS. tomorrow i start back up after the break of maternity leave. it is like restarting into something i know i am meant to do but from a place of total disarray, from a whole new ground level. like there has been an earthquake, a cosmic shift and the new ground is HERE. but where ever it is.. Here is where i start from.
my sunday morning class is usually pretty small but i prepare fully for it because it is the most dear to my heart. it is the class where i have the most freedom to teach from a theme and to teach anusara alignment. so in some ways, not only do i prepare the asana for the class i also feel like i am preparing a sermon.

tomorrow's theme is dealing with darkness and light. tomorrow is the winter solstice. the darkest day of the year. and yet in the midst of this darkness... probably because of the darkness all of the holidays will hit and we will celebrate the LIGHT. we will come together, drink eat sing dance and laugh in a huge celebration of life and abundance and of spirit. in this yoga, too, we say YES to life. we acknowledge the darkness without trying to run away from it. because without darkness there could be no light, we wouldn't know what light is. so we acknowledge learn from and embrace the darkness. but out of that we CELEBRATE and align with and invite the light in every moment. the light of universal spirit that dances in all of us no matter what we call it. maybe we just call it life. and so we say LIFE IS GOOD and celebrate that.

so tomorrow we'll dance with darkness and with light. i'll bring images of candles and stars and of shadow and shining out your own true light. and hopefully tomorrow students will come and practice with me. i am SO ready to be there again.

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