Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vinyasa Krama

The mantra that has been repeating in my mind over and over in the last few days is this: "Finish the vinyasa" in essence... finish what you started. i have tendancy to get very close to the end of something and then go off on a tangent leaving the first project almost, but not quite complete. but lately, without asking my mind has been suppling the thought... finish it. if you aren't done, Finish what you have started.

Vinyasa is translated many ways.. breath and movement, a type of class. etc. broken into sanskrit they say it means Nyasa - to place, Vi - in a special way. Vinyasa - to place in a special way. i does not mean move quickly through a bunch of postures while breathing, though it is often taught that way. but there is another deeper vinyasa definition that comes to mind when i think of my mini-mantra, that of vinyasa krama. krama is the steps one takes to place in a special way. that is, HOW do you place in a special way. it is having an intention then how do you get to the goal you have set. it can be applied to the yoga practice, and more importantly, as with everything yoga it can be applied to life. according to an article from yoga it is the 'intelligent sequencing of a personal yoga practice designed with a specific intention or goal.' and 'it is as simple as deciding what to make for dinner or as daunting as deciding a new career - then taking the necessary steps toward achieving that goal.'

i notice that as my yoga practice becomes more organized, more efficient, more productive, more life-affirming... my life is improved. my life becomes more organized, more efficient, more productive, and in general happier. i start to remember to 'finish the vinyasa' and to even limit the projects i set out to complete in a day so that i can be more effective and actually finish what i start. this organization brings a sense of ease and space in my life that is not present when i am trying to do too much and not actually completing anything.

the mantra came to me a few years ago when i did my first teacher training and then slipped away. now, again i'm in teacher training, again i'm organizing my life to fit in my yoga practice and the mantra has returned. an unexpected and subtle benefit of the practice. finishing what i start... completing the vinyasa becomes another way yoga transforms my life day in and day out.


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