Monday, October 15, 2007

CPR Dedication

We held our dedication of the space at Core Pilates of Richmond tonight. It was an event to celebrate the introduction of yoga to core pilates and to create a more sacred, spiritual energy in the studio. The studio is a shared space but I was feeling the need for some healing comforting and nurturing energy flowing in the room. We opened it up to any of the students to come and we ended up with just one student, the other teacher (Susan) and me.
We dimmed the lights and Susan led us through forming an intention and each lighting our own candle to represent the intention we bring to the class. Then I led the Ganesha chant (remover of obstacles) to get troubles out of the way and to mark the beginning there. We followed that with 9 rounds of sun salutation B. not so many that it got out of hand or went on all night, but enough to get some energy flowing. After that we spoke of the intention for the space, then chanted the teacher/student chant. And we closed with bowing to honor ourselves, the space, and all the people who will practice there. Namaste.

it was a beautiful gesture and it did feel very spiritual/sacred. it felt like a dedication a beginning of new energy in the space. by the third set of sun salutations i was very much feeling a shift in my energy there an opening. Susan reminded us to open up to the gifts that the others were sending and i was reminded about the give and take of a yoga class. The teacher gains so much too from the process.

and i was so hugely struck by the last bit about honoring everyone who will practice there. my heart and mind opened to the possibilities of SO many people who will come through those doors to practice yoga. even if they only come one time each person will lend energy and has the potential to create growth and change both in the self and in others. that felt magical to me. the idea of the continuation of spirit and of ongoing learning.

afterwards we were getting into our cars and waving good-bye and Susan was so great, she said, 'now wait, after all that we don't just wave good-bye and go away" so we all hugged big open strong hugs, full of hope for the future of this space.

OM namah shivaya gurave.

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