Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another First

Today i had another teaching first. last time 50 people, this time... only one person showed up. some weeks i might be stressed, annoyed, anxious, tired, worried ... any number of negative emotions might have flowed through me. but today... today it was PERFECT that i had just one. she was a very nice woman and was totally open to everything i asked of her. we worked on her shoulders and her hips and i got to practice all the information that i learned at Sianna Sherman's workshop this weekend. so we had a fabulous practice together. and at the end a sweet sweet smile on her face. she told me she came in feeling stressed out and in a bad mood and was leaving feeling so much better. and that made it all worth it. that's what it's all about. yoga should make you feel good, feel better, feel GREAT! hopefully i helped her with that.

so much of it had to do with me coming from an open place and her being open as well. so hopefully i can learn from that and always go in with an open heart an open mind and ready to help.

OPEN TO GRACE and it happens with ease.

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