Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fall Practice

Today i was all stirred up thinking about life events that are conspiring to make me a crazy woman by this time next year. i won't bother to explain, especially since who knows how much will actually come true.

so after a long walk with tyco where i talked to him about all the possibilities i decided a yoga practice would really help fix things up. except that i'm exhausted, and my joints are all very tired too. not the best way to work into a yoga practice especially knowing i'll be at a workshop all weekend and i want to arrive there built up not torn down. but i decided to go for it anyway, and knowing my back was tight i thought i'd practice some forward bends and that would be that.

after being outside with tyco i didn't want to close myself up indoors so i brought my mat out to the deck to enjoy the last day of 70 degree weather (or so they say) before it turns cold tomorrow. it was right around lunch time and i set myself up and waited until the impulse to move came. and of course, it did. i took a long slow practice of aligning shoulders and legs and then slowly opening my hamstrings and hips. no Surya namaskar, no plank to chateranga. just long slow work deep in the joints and muscles. it was at once relaxing calming and extremely DEEP WORK. i may have been on my back much of the time but this was in no way a restorative practice.

afterwards i stayed in savasana and enjoyed the beautiful blue sky and bright leaves above me.
then spent a few minutes journaling before tearing myself away to attend to my day. i know in a few years my life won't be set up for this any more. i am extremely grateful for the gift of this time. thank you thank you thank you.

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