Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank Goodness!

Thank goodness other people out there in the world share their wisdom!

today i stumbled upon some fabulous yoga podcasts on iTunes. and they are made more wonderful because they are taught by Anusara teachers. Just JUST just what i needed. finally a way to connect regularly with Anusara yoga and not to feel off in the deep end of the pool with no lifeguards out here.

the podcasts are by Hillary Rubin and Elsie Escobar. each has her own podcast and then they have one together called mudra moments about teaching yoga. very informative and inspiring.

check them out on iTunes by searching by name. or go to the webpages at:

Highly recommended!


Elsie said...

thank you for the plug sweetie! I also just read your latest post about the teaching dilemma, and have so much to share with you. Hope to have more time to give you the info. Yes, these podcasts will be incredibly helpful to you as you step into teaching anusara. my suggestion to you is that you practice to them, but you also just listen, break it down, look at the sequence, and how it affects you. Listen to the language, notice what works. I would also suggest you getting a douglas brooks cd, so that you can really deepen your understanding of the are doing great. Deepening the questions is always always always the way to go. If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out :)

yogash said...

Trust your heart! I was there, myself in 2004, after teaching vinyasa for 5 years prior to being introduced to Anusara, I knew that I needed to redirect myself and dive deeper into my Anusara studies. I practiced by myself, and studied with teachers who live 2 hours away. The following year, I entered into Todd Norian's Anusara training. It felt very lonely, because our growing yoga community was very Astanga-based at the time. For me, on a deep physical and spiritual level, the shifts that I experienced were so profound. Now, years later, our Anusara community in Wilmington, NC is growing, and I am preparing to finish the certification process. It took time, but the lessons that I have learned within the space of that time were so invaluable. Best wishes to you in your journey!