Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blog Comments

hello world

somehow i just assumed that no one would really actually READ the blog. maybe my mom would check it out when she figured out where it was on my personal webpage, but not actual people. especially people i don't know.

but. people did apparently. and some people left comments. hooray for that! of course, the comments were left in November and i only just realized that TODAY (january) but right on. i'm open to comments. i love support, and why the heck else would i put it out there except to keep that flow of energy going.

hooray. so keep on commenting whenever and i'll actually read them and respond in a more reasonable time frame.



Boo said...

I did find your blog through crazy husky!!! I feel like it is watching your mature and grow in a love, like watching your growth in dance as a young child. I also wanted to tell how important it is to deal with grief. If one does not, it just waits and when you least expect it, it will come up inside of you and be a fresh s the day of the reason foryour grief. This I am learning the hard way. Though I have taught it for a long tme. Boo

Armin de Fiesta said...

I'll check in from time to time... I blog a few times a week! People tend to follow my blog the more I post and leave comments. So here's some blog love for ya! Now does Max have one? I forgot to mention that you can set up blogger to email you when someone posts a comment. :)

dancingyogini said...

Hey armin, no unfortunately max doesn't have a blog. he spends more time on the car forums. it would be interesting if he blogged about the drama involved with rebuilding this car. i'll check in on yours from time to time too.