Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Old Friends

The other night i went to YS to teach the Power Vinyasa (which i am totally enjoying) and i saw some students i had never seen there before. i looked on the sign-in page and recognized the name but couldn't really place it. so then right before class the girl comes up to me and asks if my last name is P... and i say Yes and she is from my hometown and then the guy introduces himself as someone i went through years of grade school up into high school with. NUTS! he looked very different and i look totally the same but how cool was that. i got to give them a practice that they seemed to enjoy and at the end we had a few minutes to catch up. this is someone i might have pegged as becoming a lawyer or dentist or something but no... he's going to school for Ayurveda starting this month. totally cool.
it never occurred to me that my yoga practice could hook me up with people from my past and shine a light into my future at the same time. Rad.

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