Sunday, February 3, 2008

Immersion 2 Lunchtime Sunday

Yogini's Journal: FEAR is such a huge emotion. What a motivator and a STOPPER. it puts the brakes on so fast ... even when the body is able, if the mind is fearful, WHEW! Today Moses had us practice handstand in the middle of the room with a friend. A girl got very very fearful very fast and started to cry. But the great part was instead of running away or trying to hide she came right up to Moses and said "i need help" I think that took exceptional courage. And he helped her and they worked together. So it worked out OK.
I guess i forget how scary handstand can be. And actually i don't ever remember being truly aware of being afraid of handstand. I know i was. And i definitely get afraid of headstand off the wall and of Bakasana.

Fear is such a tricky demon. You think you master on part and it turns out it is only waiting deeper inside to reveal itself again. Why is getting to know oneself and all the beauty that IS the individual so incredibly scary and even painful? Why are we so afraid of 'what we might find' in there? Really, we're going to find the GOOD, the BEAUTIFUL the LOVE that is at our core. unfortunately its usually covered up by lots of hurts and anxieties, and those are what we are fearful of. But if we accept that underneath we'll eventually find all those fabulous qualities then all those other things don't matter so much.

and of course there is always the unknown... so i have to just trust the universe to take care of what needs to be cared for and go on from there.

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