Sunday, February 3, 2008

Immersion 2 Sunday Morning

Yogini's Journal: " Yesterday's practice was only standing poses. Not even a sun salutation to the belly! Lunge and pose, some Down Dog/uttanasana/Tadasana then parsvottanasana, trikonasana, 1/2 moon, parsvakonasana, revolved 1/2 moon, revolved parsva, revolved trikonasana then eagle legs twist and savansana. We went to 1/2 moon and revolved 1/2 moon from standing split... hard! major work in the pelvic focal point and drawing up muscular energy. A tough practice because we really held the poses for a long time. I didn't eat quite right either.. i kept getting flushed and lightheaded.

SO i'm trying to open up to this experience, but i have some sort of block.... Am I being a know it all? somehow i'm in my own way of falling deeply, madly in love with this process. It isn't the same as during the last teacher training when i was completely enraptured. But maybe that is the difference. This is an immersion, not a teacher training. I'm also finding it a little difficult to work with two different teachers. I wish they were working together instead of splitting the weekends between them.

On a whole i enjoy Moses' style. He's humorous but it feels like he is grounded in a deep spiritual practice. HE also gives more advice and directions for what to do to do good.... like carpool, vote democratic, drive as little as possible, etc. That can be inspiring. I want to be able and feel empowered to help my students live more fulfilled lives and sometimes that may include giving advice towards change.

During the last weekend one of the participants was saying she feels so good after yoga class. it makes her a different person and she wishes she could be that person all the time instead of who she often is. And i said, you ARE that person all the time, it's just covered up sometimes. And i said it not to give advice or create change for her, but because that's how i really think. the 'after yoga me' is the REAL me. She said "that's a good way to look at it" and i realized i may have crossed a line into more of a teacher counselor role. and that has stuck with me. i question myself "was that the right thing to do or say?" but now i'm thinking 'sure' we're here to learn from each other as much as from Kate and Moses. And that is what i want to be able to do with my students, to inspire and help them along the path without pushing or forcing -- just organically. It really popped right out of my mouth before i had a moment to think - so maybe she really did need to hear it. who knows.

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