Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Melting Heart

Last night i took Maria's class in DC and we worked on backbending. i LOVE backbending so this is great. and a fabulous fun class, not just all the standard backbends, lots of fun variations including what i call "Spiderman" where you walk down and up the wall with your hands. so fun!

at the very end as we were going into Savasana she said to 'soften your boundaries into your melting heart' immediately a beautiful image of my heart turning to pure melted gold appeared in my mind. my heart spread and warmed and glowed in the room. then i saw as if the heart was made from hard solid gold then again melted into molten gold spreading through the space. it was SO beautiful and warm and vibrant. what a fabulous image. and briefly i got the sensation of floating on my yoga mat as if it was a leaf floating to the ground. i've been distracted lately and had trouble really going deep to savasana, being open to these images was a definite treat.

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