Monday, March 3, 2008


Recently i've been really wanting to use Heart-Centered themes in my classes. mainly because it is actually a lot easier to teach from a theme than just to float out there with nothing to anchor your class to. working with a theme brings my instructions back to a mid-point rather than letting them fly out of me totally unorganized and unrelated. so i put it out there to a group of friends who were gathered at my house. and this group has some universe mojo working because big things always come out of meeting with these folks.

so in the last two weeks, after meeting with them, my themes have come really really easily and beautifully. AND my classes have had more people in them and it seems they actually buy in to the themes and therefore into my instructions more.

two weeks ago i worked on Courage as the theme. and we worked with Warrior III and Handstand at the wall and with a partner. and it really hit home for some students, i could tell.

this week we worked on Playfulness (got to get softer after that hard work in Courage week) and we did binding and some crazy arm balancing. but what i think helped was that i got them to work as partners too, which opens up the class a bit more and opens up the energy.

So thank goodness that seems to flow at the moment. i'll have to keep it going even in classes where it isn't quite as easy for me to feel comfortable working from a theme. i still feel totally disorganized in how i present the alignment material, if i would just go in order of the 5 principles i'd be FINE I know it, but i never remember to do that. but oh well. eventually i'll improve and for now at least the students have something in the theme they can attach to.

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