Friday, July 4, 2008

Immersion 2 Yogini's Journal

June 26 2008 -- Columbus, Ohio

Two days of immersion done already. I am interested to note that i feel much more energetic than i do at home most days and much more energetic than i was expecting to feel. Maybe i'm allowing myself to fall into a lethargy at home that isn't needed. And by working so strongly in this true, deep alignment I'm actually building more strength and energy rather than less. I think i was extremely ready to come to this immersion this time. My energy was ready to receive and my body was better prepared after taking all of Maria's classes all winter/spring.

And i'm just realizing now, i'm SO able to be a student of Todd and Ann. There's nothing in the way with them or the people around me who i am practicing with. Some part of me that had a guard up or needed to "prove" myself in Washington, DC isn't in the way or showing up here. I am quite simply enjoying the learning. This feels like a five day workshop (not an immersion).

In some of the reading tonight i am finding inspiration for my classes back home, so that is exciting. Time to go back to basics and really refine, and actually TEACH the actions in the body. Time to separate them at first and then integrate them down the line. People are smart - they can learn and apply these things.

I keep thinking one day i'd love to have Todd come to Richmond to give a workshop. It could be sometime several years from now probably once i've gotten some Anusara more established there. and if he did, then some of my students could come. So that idea makes me think i need to get serious and organized in teaching this stuff for real so the students can really apply the principles in their bodies. then when they meet Todd and he sees their practices he can see i taught them well.

This immersion doesn't particularly feel ground breaking to me. It feels comfortable and happy - Love filled. Like a mini-retreat, a refresher, a recharger even though i am learning new concepts.
I feel very settled, where many times this much yoga and this much being away from home would be unsettling and would feel chaotic. or it would have me more stirred up about big trauma in my life. Today i feel like this is exactly where i am meant to be. I am doing exactly what i am meant to be doing. If anything, instead of stirred up emotionally, i feel more inspired. But really, not even that. I just feel settled. Calm, at peace with what is. even my body feels that way - i am sore certainly - but not overly sore. Sore not tightened or locking or holding. It's like i have soreness and i am releasing it and softening into it. that feels good.

So, as we say in Anusara (and on all the T-shirts) Life is Good. not terrible, not AWESOME. Just Right. Total goldilocks principle. And i'll rest in that tonight.

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