Friday, July 4, 2008

Immersion 2 Yogini's Journal 2

Friday June 27, 2008 - - Columbus Ohio

Some random thoughts

- I realized this evening... So many of us in this immersion are Anusara Orphans. We have no home kula, no big Anusara family to draw from. and yet, we still do not desert the practice. We come back to it and we find a way to stay connected. We are so luckily recharged by events such as this one. So many of the people i've talked to are in the similar position as me of being one shining light of Anusara - even as teachers- with no one else around. At least i know as i go back an am alone again that i am not alone in my being alone.

- I spoke up in the group and shared some of my experience today which was an odd move for me. The beauty of it was that then it was as if my light was shining brighter and more people saw me. So i was able to connect to more people in the process because they shared about their own lives or they asked me more about me. It was nice to be seen and not to shy away from that.

- The women i'm sharing the B&B with have both cooked dinner and shared food with me. i felt a bit uneasy about it. But then i think back to even a few weeks ago when all i wanted was for someone to cook for me and i feel such GRATITUDE. i feel totally wrapped in Abundance. Very very grateful for their joy, hospitality, and sharing. and i'll just try to extend the same in return.

--Other gratitude and inspiration

-i am grateful for my group of spiritual friends at home. a group i can come together with and share about all of these moments.

-I am grateful for my family and the love i feel for them and from them - including all of my wonderful friends.

- i am inspired to have friends over to share meals

- i am inspired to practice with N.

- i am inspired to learn more and play more with my chakras

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