Monday, July 7, 2008

What the Heart Says

I was practicing in Todd and Ann's class on the chakras about a week ago now. and we were working on the third chakra. we'd done plenty of abdominal work that i couldn't exactly join in on because of my rounder belly but i did what i could and modified where possible. and then we went into arm balances. Bakasana, parsvabakasana etc. again i was fighting an off-center center of gravity, and baby in the way for most of the poses, but i modified and did what i could.

and suddenly my heart burst out into my thoughts: "i LOVE arm balances" and instantly my body, heart, mind, soul, agreed. yes, arm balances rule and are a lot of fun and are worth loving.

then my rational mind burst into laughter...."You do?" and i nearly laughed out loud at the change in myself.

my rational mind is usually telling me things like "i hate arm balances" and " i'm afraid of and terrible at arm balances in general." but here it was, more accurate and true for me in my practice right now today. in reality arm balances are pretty darn fun and cool no matter how much success i have in my attempts at them.

so the statement i usually reserve for backbending and handstand 'i love X pose...' can now be expanded

turns out I LOVE ARM BALANCES too. Sweet!

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